Healing Arts SN

Healing Arts SN
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"Anthony Leone M.D., Ph.D. stepped back and surveyed his new Emergency Room Hospital. "Ean", he said to his young assistant, "What we have here is the most modern up to date, fully equipped, high tech facility known to man; What we don't have is nurses. We should begin our nurse screenings today! Go around the block Ean and round up nurses, tell them to bring their own uniforms and well commence with nurse tryouts right after lunch." And at 9:00 AM on June 24th another milestone in the history of "The Healing Arts" began."

FRAMED: No/Never

CONDITION: Mint (normal canvas texture with enhancement)

APPROX. SIZE: 24 in. x 30in.

TYPE: Artist Enhanced Canvas Transfer

EDITION: Signed and Numbered

FAIR MARKET RANGE:$1350 to $2300.00